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Nowadays, students need to balance their academic activities with the need to earn money and settle personal matters of different complexity. This pressure arises on the background of the ever increasing number of write assignments they are expected to submit to earn their degrees. In such circumstances academic writing assistance services come to prominence as they help students manage the balance between their studies and the rest of their lives properly. EssayPro is among numerous websites that offer writing help for a considerable price. Let’s have a closer look at what it promises to its clients.

How can EssayPro help you?

EssayPro is an online academic writing assistance company that provides services in writing virtually any type of academic assignments. The large team of professional writers can tackle a wide variety of subjects and deliver quality work on time.

It goes without saying that the company guarantees that the product you will receive is 100% original.

At the same time, it is necessary to mention that the quality of the final product depends on you as the customer as well. The more detailed and clear your instructions for the order are, the easier it will be for the writer to meet your requirements. You are welcome to communicate with the writer via live chat to ensure that you are on the same page concerning the task at hand.

EssayPro Pricing

The price of your order depends on three factors: the number of pages, academic level, and the deadline. The latter parameter may vary starting from 6 hours and up to 2 months. The website provides you with the estimated price for the order you are about to place depending on the characteristic you choose while filling in the order form.

However, the price displayed in the system is not the final one. Once you place an order, several writers will place their bids for it, and it is up to you to decide whom to choose. The prices they suggest for their services may exceed the one calculated by the system but they cannot be lower than it. Still, the decision whether to pay additionally for a writer who has evidence of expertise in your subject field or opt for the minimum price option is totally yours to make.


The company offers a common list of academic writing services which include but are not limited to:

  • Essay Writing: An essay is the most common writing assignment a college or university student is likely to encounter. It goes without saying that having to submit several essays on different subjects within the same time frame (usually short one)/ EssayPro is meant to help students in such pressing situations.
  • Dissertation Writing: A dissertation presupposes thorough research into the topic and in-depth analysis of the existing knowledge of the subject. Therefore, it requires special skills and a professional approach. It is reasonable to delegate at least some part of the overall dissertation to a professional with the deep expertise on the subject.
  • Term Paper Writing: A term paper is the culmination of your work during a semester. It combines the knowledge and experiences accumulated in the course. Therefore, it requires special concentration and focus to pull through. This circumstance justifies asking for professional help.
  • Admission Essay Writing: Trying to enter a new school or university? The quality of your application portfolio matters a lot. That is why you would benefit from asking for professional assistance with this important document.
  • Proofreading and Editing: As a writing assistance service, EssayPro offers you the opportunity to boost the quality of your papers by having them edited by professional writers well versed in both the subject matter and English language.

Additional services

The company offers its customers SMS notifications about any changes in the status of your orders. The feature is free of charge, and it indeed adds to the customers’ experience as it is not always convenient to check email while being not at home.

The company offers 24/7 customer support, and you have the opportunity to contact the writer working on your order directly via chat. This communication channel becomes available once you have accepted one of the bids the writers have put on the order placed by you.

The process of choosing the appropriate writer to assist you with your assignment is facilitated by detailed writers’ profiles available on the website. The profile contains the information about the writer’s educational and professional background, preferred disciplines, average feedback on their works, and samples of their writing.

As well as it is the case with most academic writing services, EssayPro provides you with the opportunity to ask for free revision.The period for which the free revision option is available is comparatively large compared to the competitors on the market: 30 days.

Overall thoughts

EssayPro can be best described as an average option on the market that has its positive and negative sides. One cannot help but mention the following advantages of the company:

  • You choose the writer who will be working on your paper. This fact makes the service stand out compared to the competitors as in most other companies your order is simply made available for a pool of writers. You may restrict the size of this pool, but the final say on the matter is still not yours.
  • Large free revision period. You have a month to get back and request for your paper to be improved so that every single requirement is met precisely.

At the same time, there are slight disadvantages, such as:

  • You need to create the account on the website before you make the order. It is a minor issue, yet it is unpleasant to waste time on such formal matters.
  • The price system calculates for your paper is the minimum one which means that you may have to pay more to get your order done. Again, it is inconvenient to stay unclear about the price to pay.   

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