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The Allure of Essay Writing Companies

The rapid tempo of modern life places stringent requirements on students. They often have to balance work and studies alongside managing personal and family-related issues. Therefore, it must not come across as a surprise that sometimes students struggle keeping up with their written assignments. Fortunately, nowadays college students have the opportunity to use professional help from a wide variety of academic writing services. EssayShark is one of the numerous options available on the market.

What is EssayShark?

EssayShark is an online service that assists students with completing their writing assignments. It has been on the market for over 10 years already which is a respectable age for an academic writing service.

The company boasts of having the most competent professionals capable of covering a wide variety of subjects and areas of study. It also relies on its highly skilled support team to enhance and maintain communication between the customer and the writer.


The unique system of pricing and payment is the thing that makes EssayShark stand out from its competitors. The service offers you to place an order and wait for the writers to place their bids which means that they will suggest the price for which they are ready to write your paper for you. 

The things that the writers take into consideration are the number of pages (the service considers 275 words of text to be one double spaced page), deadline, and the complexity of the order. You may request your order to be done as soon as in an hour from the moment it has been placed. As for the complexity, this parameter is fairly subjective, so every writing will perceive it differently.

The unique thing about EssayShark is that the service does not require you to pay anything when you are placing the order. Once your instructions are received by the system, writers will offer their services, and you will pay the amount you agree for once you approve a particular writer working on your order. There is a wide variety of statistical data and writing samples available for each writer to help you make the optimal decision.

EssayShark Services

  • Essay writing: The service provides help with writing any type of academic essays including writing argumentative essays as a standalone art. There is also a separate category of admission essay writing for those who want to boost their chances for successful application by using professional help.
  • Annotated Bibliography: completing this assignment requires analytical skills to be abl to see the key points of the cited sources and communicate them clearly. Therefore, it is likely that you will benefit from getting help with this tricky assignment.
  • Article Review: EssayShark offers help with reviewing articles on virtually any topic. Regardless of the complexity of the subject matter, the service will provide you with qualified assistance.
  • Case Study: Case studies are commonly used in courses on business and management. They provide valuable insights into the way real-life businesses ork and address the issues that arise due to a variety of reasons. However, the amount of information one has to process to analyze a case may turn out to be overwhelming. That is why you can get help with completing your case studies at EssayShark.
  • Creative Writing: Not all assignments are about researching dry facts. Sometimes students are required to apply creativity, especially when it comes to courses on literature and other humanities. Unfortunately, people have different levels of creativity. Therefore, custom writing services are needed to ensure that you do not lose grades because of your personal traits.
  • Presentation or Speech: Nowadays, students majoring in many fields are expected to be competent public speakers in addition to possessing knowledge about the things they have studied. Therefore, creating presentations and speeches are mundane issues in the lives of students. With this fact in mind, EssayShark offers services of creating PowerPoint presentations and writing speech transcripts.
  • Research Proposal: Large scale research projects start with a proposal outlining the purpose of the study and the methods the student plans to use in it. This document is important because it allows the instructor to understand how ready a particular study is to conduct research independently, and guide the ones who seem to lack such ability. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to let a professional write your research proposal.
  • Research Paper: Writing actual research papers is the next step of a project. The task is time consuming, to say the least, so it is reasonable to ask for professional assistance.
  • Term Paper: Term paper is, basically, a research paper with increased responsibility. It is the opportunity to showcase the knowledge and skills acquired during the term. Since your final mark is likely to depend heavily on the quality of your term paper, it is reasonable to sek professional assistance when writing it.
  • Thesis or Dissertation Chapter: Writing a thesis requires a lot of time and effort. EssayShark offers you professional assistance to shift at least some of the burden from your shoulders and streamline the process. 

Additional services

At the stage of choosing the writer, you are provided with free previews of the papers completed by the writer who places the bid on your order. This feature allows you to make informed decisions on whom to pick as your writer.

Also, there is an app for your smartphone that allows you to track the progress of your order or chat with the writer working on it immediately in case of emergency (deadline change, for instance).

The service promises that every paper is 100% original since it operates its own in-built plagiarism checker.

General thoughts

EssayShark is a viable option to choose if you need academic writing help quickly and for a moderate price. Its greatest advantage compared to the competitors on the market is that you have several tools at hand to stay in control of your order throughout its life cycle.

At the same time, choosing the writer for every order manually may turn out to be a boring and unnecessarily cumbersome activity. There are also people who can feel uncomfortable about the need to bargain with the writers concerning the payment they are ready to provide for their paper. After all, difficulty of the task is quite a subjective category.

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