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Before making an important decision, it makes sense to do some research beforehand. And, when it comes to essay writing services, this entails analyzing reliable customer reviews, finding information about a company’s activity, so on and so forth. The odds are of the same opinion – which is how you probably ended up reading this article, comprising of a detailed review of APStudyNotes.org.

That being said, let’s get right to it – we’ll talk about the activity of this firm, the feedback we found online, as well as our experience with it, so that you can make an informed decision.

Introducing ApStudyNotes.org

To start with, we’d like to say that APStudyNotes.org is far from being the typical essay service. In spite of that, though, we followed the same steps we do with any other writing company, in order to assess its reliability. To be more specific, we looked for legit information concerning its activity, we looked at testimonials, and we compared the firm’s pricing system with that of similar companies in the marketplace. Of course, we also placed an order on APStudyNotes.org, so that our review would be as trustworthy as possible.

That being said, AP Study Notes is a company created specifically for high-school students enrolled in AP – advancement placement classes. Essentially, these classes are designated especially for top students, enabling them to take exams for earning college credit in some of the most challenging classes, such as calculus. That is to say, AP Study Notes facilitates assistance and comprehensive study guides to students who take these courses.

Concurrently, students can also get sample essays. These sample essays are voluntarily written by other students who sign up to the website.

What Else Should You Know?

Moving on, we’d like to talk about the quality of the services. What is there to be said in this area? Some of the sample essays we’ve read were decent. Nevertheless, considering that those materials are actually crowd-funded papers, which aren’t there to be ordered, this isn’t necessarily an indicator of this firm’s reliability.

In fact, the majority of reviews from professional websites talking about APStudyNotes.org were on the negative side. You might know by now that we already take the time to look for customer reviews that are legit. And, in this case, the testimonials were far from being praiseworthy. This poses a question mark concerning this firm’s reliability, as you might expect.

Additionally, considering that this isn’t a typical essay service, we couldn’t evaluate the writing staff or anything of the sort. The essays published on the website were written by students and were published on APStudyNotes.org in order to guide other students so that they reach their academic targets.

Simultaneously, we expected APStudyNotes.org to feature a separate customer support department, as it is the case with most companies. Nevertheless, we were quite surprised to find out that this wasn’t the case.

What Are the Prices Like?

Many students might be pleased to find out that that they can access some of the guides on APStudyNotes.org free of charge. Nevertheless, in order to get access to a wide diversity of essays, you’ll have to pay no less than $29. This price could be worth it if the material you’d find on the website was actually useful. However, this isn’t necessarily the case, which can be really disappointing – as noted in former customer reviews.

Aside from that, we purchased an essay package ourselves, in order to determine whether the reviews were actually accurate or not. We found that the content was decent, but the ideas and concepts presented in those documents weren’t at all surprising in terms of insight and depth.

On a different note, you won’t find any discounts listed on APStudyNotes.org. There aren’t any other promotional offers either, such as special coupon codes or any other promo code for a change. This can be really disturbing as most companies in the educational realm provide some kind of offers and discounts.

In conclusion, our rating for APStudyNotes.org is average. The majority of students won’t find such a service useful, considering that this isn’t a typical essay writing service. Of course, there are many improvements that could be made, as there is always place for improvement.

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